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Q. Will they help if I have medical issues?
A. Most certainly.  Users report that the Shake'n Fork has allowed them to keep their beloved horses far longer.  The Shake'n fork reduces repetitive stress pain.  It dramatically helps reduce back issues, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and other painful agitation related stress in elbows, hips and other joints.

Q. It seems so expensive, I'm hesitant to spend $200.00...
A. Horses owners try to provide the best for our horses care, food, supplements, tack, shoeing etc, sometimes we need to also take care of ourselves.  So often people wear out their joints to save a dollars worth of shavings.  The potential for long term physical damage is real, why make stable cleaning harder then it needs to be?  You can spend less time cleaning and still have spotless stalls, while also saving money on shavings and walking fewer trips to the manure pile.
Compared to a manual fork a powered fork does cost more.  However, only the Shake'n Fork saves you money every time you use it.  Users figure they save up to $1.00 per stall, per day, in time and bedding.  If you have 4 or more horses, powered cleaning will pay for itself in a little over a month.  No other fork offers any return on the investment!  By comparison a larger stall unit can cost 10X as much and by that measure ours are relatively inexpensive.

Q. How long do they last?
A. This goes to the reason they cost more than a manual fork.  The high quality components of the Shake'n Fork are designed to last for years of cleaning, in fact some users have had them for over 5 years and they are still going strong.

Q. Are the batteries rechargeable? How does it operate?
A. The Shake'n Fork has rechargeable batteries and can clean from 20 to 40 stalls (*1500mAh batteries) on a charge, depending how many horses you have and how deeply you bed. There is a small variable speed trigger that you depress to activate the "shaking" of the basket. It does not vibrate, rather it mimics the motion that you would do, only it does it without any manual shaking on your part.  Usually a short burst is all it takes to clean.

Q. Is it heavier than a regular fork ?
A. Not much. Of course with a motor and batteries it is going to have some additional weight, but careful attention to components and balance has made its weight an issue that we rarely hear about.  Our lightest version, (Carbon Fiber) weighs less than some of the manual forks that are out there!  Since you aren't trying to manually shake the fork, and spend far less time cleaning, the effort you spend generally is significantly less.

Q. Does it work in the cold?
A. Of Course!  We make a non-powered (Flex'n Fork) version that is used in the worst possible conditions, hacking frozen manure and pee spots in sub-zero outdoor weather. Inside stalls are rarely that extreme, and since the Shake'n Forks share many of the same components of the Flex'n forks, they are built to stand up to cold.

Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. Yes, but some countries have restrictions that prevent shipping.  Contact us for your specific needs.

Q. Do you make a smaller cat version?
. We did make one some years ago, but need a marketing partner to build it inexpensively enough to make it a viable option.  


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Reach for the fork that saves time and trouble

     You can save time and steps with a self cleaning fork.  At our Andalusian Ranch research facility we have 12 to 16 horses to pick up after, several times a day.  Experience has shown us that by using the motorized Shake'n Fork we spend HALF the time per stall that we did with a conventional fork.  Just as important, we found our shavings use also dropped by about half, requiring far fewer trips to the store to purchase more.  Additionally, the resulting manure pile was much smaller and the quality of the compost far improved.  More efficient cleaning means fewer trips with the wheelbarrow and less wear and tear to your body as well.  We were surprised at the physical aches and pains that seemed to disappear once we used this fork.  The resulting cleaner stalls made for healthier, happier horses, and more time to spend enjoying them too!

Imagine life without electric tools

It is hard to imagine life without electric tools. From hair clippers to electric drills and vacuum cleaners, there is a motorized version available.  Given a choice, don't we always choose the efficiency of electricity?  Just think of clipping your horse with scissors...  Of course a good set of electric clippers costs 10 times what scissors do, but the benefits more than make up for the price.  There are currently commercial vibrating stall cleaners, but they cost thousands of dollars more and require rolling them into the stall like a wheelbarrow, and then emptying an additional muck bucket.  They may also require that the horse be removed from the stall to clean.  In contrast, the motorized Shake'n Fork is made for any size facility, even with only one horse.  The fork head basket is slightly larger than conventional forks.  This larger basket allows for fewer trips to the manure cart.  The Flex'n Fork is constructed with modern materials and weighs only 1.5 pounds!  Of course the motorized version weighs more, but the weight is carefully distributed so it does not feel heavy on the basket end.  Even with batteries and motor, the Shake'n Fork CF weighs LESS than a Wonderfork(tm).  With the Shake'n fork there is no manual sifting and with special care as to balance and feel, it certainly works easier than any big basket fork.  The push button switch is positioned on the bottom of a comfortable ergonomic grip, eliminating wrist fatigue too!  It has rechargeable batteries, so no extension cords are needed.  It is quieter than a pair of clippers, and since horses are not bothered by its sound they can stay in the stall while cleaning is accomplished.


A primer on picking and shaking

     Picking up after horses is hard work.  One or two horses can be maintained pretty easily, but by time you have three or more, you are going to be dedicating some serious effort to cleaning.  Some folks use a manure fork (pickers), while others use a shovel and a rake (scoopers).  The Shake'n Fork powered manure fork is for barn stall cleaning where the bedding shavings need to be separated from the manure.  When cleaning stalls bedded with shavings, the common technique was to pick up the combination of shavings and manure and then by manually bouncing the fork, attempt to separate the manure balls and shavings.  Cleaning a stall takes many repetitive actions, especially towards the end, where there were many shavings and only a few bits of manure remaining.  Cleaning stalls in this fashion was especially frustrating because the road apples, being round, tended to roll out of the fork, requiring another scoop to collect it all.  To make our job easier we tried many different products, from bigger forks to stall bedding sifters.  In the end, none of them could beat the light weight and simplicity of using a multi tined shavings fork.  We chose to improve on this system, resulting in the development of the patented, motorized Berto Shake'n Fork.

On the other hand, there are times where manure must be collected, such as turnouts or pastures, but it is not mixed with shavings and does not need to be agitated. This is what the Flex'n Fork was designed for.

"Just when you think you have lived long enough that you have seen it all, they come up with something new."   Horse expo visitor

The difficulty of stable cleaning

     Since cleaning manure was such a difficult chore for us, imagine the total effort it must take for the entire industry to pick clean yup after the horses in their care.  This is what we found.

     In the USA there are 1 to 2 million horses that are stabled in stalls where shavings or sawdust are used as bedding.  A horse produces approximately 30 pounds of manure each day.  Each pile of horse manure consists of 35 to 50 manure "balls" that get mixed up with the bedding.  Nationwide, the picking up of over 1.4 BILLION manure balls a day is a time intensive endeavor.  In addition to the labor involved, the volume of the manure is another factor to consider.  The quantity of manure produced per horse per day is about 1 cubic foot.  If the bedding is not carefully separated from the manure, however, it results in a volume of over three times as much!  Disposing of a combination of shavings and manure can also be difficult.  An entire industry has formed around composting to reduce volume, with companies making special bins to help.  In some areas it is a requirement for manure to be completely hauled away in dumpsters.  Since cleaning horse stalls is expensive in time and labor, most facilities try to find a balance between sifting and the volume of manure to dispose of.  Since disposal costs are often  based on quantity, specialized "boutique" bagged shavings are now produced that are smaller or pelletized and therefore easier to sift.  Pellets, rice hull bedding or smaller shavings are an excellent alternative for reducing volume, but to get the best results considerable time is still spent manually agitating the fork.  From an environmental perspective, the manure itself is an excellent soil amendment.  The shavings, however, are not and will literally make the manure inert, rather than  a healthy compost.  Therefore, it is of great benefit to horse owners and the environment that the manure is separated from the bedding.  The Berto Shake'n Fork is the answer to more efficient manure disposal.

The choice of customers

     The feedback from customers has affirmed the effectiveness of these new stall cleaning tools.  Their enthusiastic approval of both the Flex'n Fork and powered Shake'n Fork shows that whichever model you use, both are the forks of choice over any basic fork on the market.  To remove even the smallest particles, our close-tine version is the best choice. When it comes to cleaning stalls bedded with shavings, sawdust or pellets, nothing does the job better or faster than a Shake'n Fork.  When used outside, our Flex'n Fork amazes users with its durability.


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